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Welcome to the 2018/19 Korean Ski Season!

Hello all, hope you enjoyed the summer wherever you spent it (I was mostly sweating it out in Osaka & Seoul). The autumn colours were lovely last month in Korea, and now it’s finally time to get back on the ski slopes!

The last few weeks have been a bit frustrating though,

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Olympic Season Wrap-up

With High1, Yongpyong, and Welli Hilli Park having closed their lifts down last week, the 2017-18 Olympic ski season is now officially over in Korea.

However, my own season came to an abrupt & early end a few weeks earlier when I broke my arm crashing off a jump at Welli Hilli,

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Pyeongchang Olympics: Week 1

View of Yongpyong & Alpensia resorts

I spent most of week 1 watching on TV (in between working and snowboarding), but did get over to Pyeongchang for the day to see some halfpipe action. Chloe Kim absolutely killed it, and it was worth dealing with the brutal cold to be there!

I went to Phoenix Park from Seoul by KTX to watch the pipe,

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Pyeongchang Olympics February 2018 Update

Visiting for the Paralympics? See here for accommodation & transportation

The Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic halfpipe at Phoenix Park

The Pyeongchang 2018 opening ceremony is now just a week away, but plenty of tickets are available and it’s still possible to put a last-minute plan together to come to the Olympics. Reasonable accommodation is pretty booked up in Pyeongchang,

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Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympics: accommodation & updates

The setup for the Pyeongchang Paralympics is similar to the Olympics, with events split between the Coastal Cluster and the Mountain Cluster. However, the smaller number of events means things are more compact, and the Mountain Cluster events are in two places (rather than 4), namely Alpensia and Jeongseon Alpine Centre.

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Korean Winter Food Guide

Simply put, Korean food is awesome – especially if you dig spicy food and strong flavours. If you’re not great with spicy stuff you need to proceed with caution but can still eat really well. Vegetarians & vegans may struggle a bit though, as the cuisine goes pretty heavy on the meat &

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Pyeongchang Olympics January 2018 Update

If you’re still struggling for train reservations, free shuttles have been announced from Seoul for event ticket holders (reservations open Friday 26th). See here (update: unfortunately this won’t actually be much use to most people making plans from overseas,

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Pyeongchang Olympics December 2017 Update

The Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic halfpipe at Phoenix Park
Season Opening Dates

The 2017/8 season is now almost in full swing with most resorts having opened in the second half of November and the last few hills near Seoul & in the south opening in early December.

Visiting Seoul in Winter

Check out the Snow Guide Korea guide to visiting Seoul in winter!

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Seoul Winter Guide

If you’re visiting Korea for some ski or snowboard action, chances are you’ll be staying in Seoul for part of your stay; once you’re done in the mountains, maybe you’ll have a few hours to check Seoul out, maybe a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks, so what to do?

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Pyeongchang Olympics November 2017 Update

Top station at Yongpyong ski resort
Opening Dates

The 2017/8 season is finally underway, with Yongpyong, High1, and Phoenix Park all having opened on November 17th/18th.

Welli Hilli Park, Elysian Gangchon, Jisan Forest, and Vivaldi Park are all aiming to open on the 24th/25th, with Oak Valley scheduled for the 29th and the remaining Seoul area hills in early December.

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