The Best Ski Resorts in Korea

I’m often asked which is the best ski resort in Korea, and I always answer that it depends what you’re looking for. So here’s the lowdown on the best resorts in Korea, presented in top-3s:

Best All-Round Korean Ski Resorts

High1, view from the gondola


=1. High1 & Yongpyong

For all-mountain riding, High1 and Yongpyong are the two standout ski resorts in Korea. Yongpyong was the original (built in the 70s), while High1 is just a decade old. Both are high enough to not be reliant on snowmaking (as most Korean resorts are), are relatively large, have a good mix of terrain, and make reasonable effort with their terrain parks.

3. Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is mostly famed for its freestyle offerings, with a halfpipe and arguably the country’s best terrain park (see below) along with Welli Hilli Park. Freestyle aside though, Phoenix Park is larger than Welli Hilli and is the 4th-largest ski area in Korea; this means it offers decent downhill skiing in addition to great freestyle, making it a good all-round option.

Best Korean Ski Resorts for Freestyle (Park)

Terrain park at Welli Hilli Park

Welli Hilli Park

=1. Phoenix Park & Welli Hilli Park

Phoenix Park and Welli Hilli Park are the two standouts in this department, each having solid, well-maintained terrain parks with a good variety of features for all levels of park rider.

=3. High1 & Yongpyong

High1 and Yongpyong are great all-round resorts, and they don’t neglect their freestyle offerings; while not nearly as impressive as Phoenix and Welli Hilli, they do both have sizeable, decent quality terrain parks.

Best Korean Ski Resorts for Halfpipe

The Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic halfpipe at Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park

There are only four halfpipes in Korea. In no particular order:

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park has a superpipe and will host the Pyeongchang 2018 halfpipe events (if you want to ride pipe in the 2017/18 season, go to one of the others!)

Welli Hilli Park

The halfpipe at Welli Hilli Park is almost always well-cut and in good nick; it’s also located right in front of the base area, so everyone can see you eat shit!

Vivaldi Park

Vivaldi Park‘s is the closest halfpipe to Seoul, and the only one you can reach by free shuttle bus.


High1 and Yongpyong are the best two resorts in Korea, but if you’re a pipe enthusiast only the former ticks that box!

Best Korean Resorts for Downhill Skiing

On the slopes at Muju Deogyusan Resort, Korea

Muju Deogyusan


1. Muju Deogyusan

The southern location isn’t great for the snow quality, but Muju Deogyusan has the biggest vertical drop and the longest runs in the country. The setting in Deogyusan National Park also gives it the best views!

=2. High1 & Yongpyong

All-round star resorts High1 and Yongpyong don’t quite match Muju Deogyusan for vertical drop, but they’re not far off and both offer a good selection of sections and runs. They also both get better snow than Muju so will often actually be better, especially early or late in the season.

Most Convenient Ski Resorts from Seoul (without a car)

Konjiam Resort


1. Konjiam

Konjiam can be accessed by subway (with a frequent shuttle bus from the station) or by free shuttle bus from Sadang & Jamsil, taking under an hour depending on your starting point; they also have a flexible ticketing system, making this by far the most convenient hill from Seoul. The quality of the riding is also reasonable for a Seoul area local hill.

2. Elysian Gangchon

Although located in Gangwon-do province, Elysian Gangchon can be reached on the Seoul Metro or the ITX Cheongchun express train (with regular shuttle buses from the station) which actually makes it easier to reach than the other resorts closer to Seoul (excluding Konjiam). They also have free shuttle buses, though the driving time to Elysian is a fair bit longer than to Konjiam.

3. Vivaldi Park

Vivaldi Park is another Gangwon-do resort which is actually very convenient to Seoul, thanks in particular to their free shuttle bus for international tourists. It takes 2 hours from Myeongdong and costs you nothing, making Vivaldi almost as convenient to reach as Seoul hills like Jisan Forest and Yangji Pine while being a bigger & better hill (Vivaldi is the biggest hill you can reach from Seoul for free)

What do you think about this list? Agree? Think it’s nonsense? Leave a comment below!

Best Korean Ski Resorts During Pyeongchang 2018

Be aware that the four Pyeongchang 2018 host resorts will be partly or completely closed if you visit during the Olympic season, so check out the best Korean ski resorts to hit in the 2017/18 season

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4 comments on “The Best Ski Resorts in Korea
  1. Weian says:

    I’m planning to stay at Yongpyong ski resort right before April 2018
    Is there still open for ski and how about snow conditions then
    It would make my life much easier if u got d answer
    Thanks lot

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Weian, if you go to Yongpyong in late March they’ll still be open. The snow condition will be pretty mushy, and the best sections are already closed due to the Olympics, but anyway you can still have a decent day of skiing there. Enjoy!

  2. Vidya says:

    Hi . Would Vivaldi Park have snowboarding/skiing in the last week of March 2018 ? Because of the proximity to Seoul as compared to Yongpyong looking at it. Thx

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Vidya, sorry they closed on March 11th. Your best chance in late March is High1, but I’m not sure their exact closing date so make sure to check with them. Good luck!

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