New season and coronavirus update

Well, last season was cut short by the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, and unfortunately as we head into the new season the pandemic is still very much a problem.

You can still visit Korea as a tourist depending on your nationality, basically if your country is still allowing Korean tourists to enter then Korea is probably allowing your nationality to enter (but do check with official sources, obviously)

The problem is that in order to do so, you have to agree to complete a 14-day quarantine stint in a government quarantine facility (i.e. a hotel which has been commandeered for the purpose) at your own expense. I actually did this so I could stay in Korea for a few months over the summer (trying to avoid the much worse virus situation in the UK), and you can read my account here

Most international visitors stay in Korea for less than 14 days, so obviously tourism has crashed in Korea as it has everywhere, and I don’t expect there will be many international guests on the Korean slopes this winter. Most of those who are will be resident foreigners.

But maybe that’s you, and if so hopefully my site will still be useful to at least a few people this winter.

One advantage of course is that the slopes will be less crowded than usual, especially resorts like Vivaldi Park which usually get a ton of tourists. Also locals will probably be skiing less too, with a lot of people choosing to mostly stay at home.

So if you are in Korea for work or for an extended stay on a tourist stamp, make the most of it and get some snow in!

Opening for the earliest resorts in Gangwon-do is late November, with Vivaldi Park announcing their opening day on Nov 27th, Welli Hilli and Alpensia on Dec 4th, and Phoenix Park open until 4pm from Nov 30th then fully open from Dec 4th. I’ll keep adding opening dates for other resorts as and when I get them.

As usual, fire away below with any questions.

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