High1 Resort

High1 is located in the heart of the Taebaek Mountains, Korea’s main range, and offers the most serious piece of ski terrain in the country. This isn’t a ski / golf / water park all-in-one leisure resort; this is a proper ski hill with proper runs (although the High1 Hotel does actually have an attached golf course… and there’s a casino! And lots of good hiking… so it is popular year-round)

High1, view from the gondola

High1 has one of the best natural snowfall records in Korea, so isn’t quite as reliant as most Korean hills on snowmaking – this isn’t saying all that much, but at least you’ll be getting some of the real stuff under your board.

Mountain scenery at High1

The Taebaek Mountains

Also, take note: High1 offers a 40% discount to foreigners! Just remember to take your passport with you, and use it to get a resort card from the Customer Service Centre. You can then present the resort card at the ticket counter to get the discount when you buy your lift ticket.

High1: the hill

Mountain stats
Highest lifted point: 1,367m
Lowest skiable point: 720m
Vertical drop: 647m
Lifts: 10
Runs: 18
Longest run: 4.2km (‘Z1’ > ‘Z3’)
Terrain park: yes
Halfpipe: yes

Homepage and piste map (click to enlarge):

High1 piste map

There are three base areas, although one of them is just the High1 Hotel, located on the side of the mountain some distance from the town of Gohan with its own gondola – High1 Gondola – direct to the top, but no ski in/ski out piste access. The main base areas are Mountain House, high above the town of Sabuk, and Valley House lower down in Gohan; the Valley Gondola connects these two bases, and you can ski down from Mountain House to Valley House via the Athena 3 run. From Mountain House, the Mountain Gondola (which is the main gondola) runs up to the top.

High1 Resort

In addition to the three gondolas, High1 has a total of 7 chairlifts running up the two facing sides of a valley, with all the runs funnelling down from the two top stations (Valley Top & Mountain Top) to Valley House at the bottom.

The vertical drop at High1 is similar to that at Yongpyong, and a bit less than at Muju Deogyusan, but a crucial difference is that while Yongpyong has only one full run all the way down and Muju Deogyusan a couple, at High1 you have a much greater variety of top-to-bottom options.

They also do a good job with their freestyle efforts; the park isn’t quite as impressive as the more specialist setups at Phoenix Park and Welli Hilli, but High1 is otherwise the best freestyle hill you’ll find in Korea.

Ski slopes at High1 Resort

High1 is good for:

Freestyle – best in Korea after Welli Hilli Park and Phoenix Park.

Terrain – the best variety of top-to-bottom runs at any single resort in Korea.

All levels of riding.

40% discount for all foreigners! (remember to take your passport)

High1 is not so good for:

Day trips from Seoul! It’s doable, but it’s probably just a bit too far to be worth it for most; better to stay for a couple of days if possible.

High1 lift tickets

High1 is open from 8:30 to 22:00. Their lift tickets follow the typical system in Korea, with the operating hours split into day & night by a 2-hour snow grooming break at 4pm; the daytime hours are subdivided into AM and PM. You can get a ticket for AM, PM, or Night, or a combination of the above, as per here (Korean page, but obvious enough). Prices range from 62,000 for a single slot to 92,000 for PM & Night combined.

They have a very handy ticket option of Night (18:00 – 22:00) and morning (8:30 – 12:00) the following day, for 90,000 won. This is very useful if you want to hit High1 from Seoul and only have 2 days, as you can travel on the first day and ski in the evening, then ski again in the morning before travelling back.

And remember, there’s a 40% discount for foreigners! Your passport is required to get the discount, so don’t forget it.

High1: accommodation

There are multiple accommodation options at the resort itself, with more in the towns of Sabuk and Gohan below.

The resort accommodation consists of three condos (Hill Condo, Mountain Condo, Valley Condo) and three hotels (High1 Hotel, High1 Convention Hotel, Kangwonland Hotel); click on each property name to view details or make a reservation.

Alternatively, you can stay in Gohan or Sabuk. Gohan has a few hotels listed here, while Sabuk is good for budget options with an Ekonomy Hotel and a number of love motels. Some of them can actually be reserved online here, but the others are walk-in joints – which you probably can’t bank on having availability if it’s a holiday, but should be fine otherwise (staying at a love motel may sound off-putting to some, but they’re actually decent places and not as seedy as the name might suggest, and could make for an interesting Korean experience!)

If you’re going to base yourself in Seoul and hit High1 from there, it’s a long day but it can be done (see below for access details); see Agoda for hotel deals in Seoul

Airbnb is also a good option in Korea, and they have a few listings near High1 in the Sabuk/Gohan area. If you haven’t used Airbnb before, you can get a 35-dollar discount off your first rental by signing up through Snow Guide Korea; simply click on this link and register!

Pyeongchang 2018 Accommodation

For full details on where to stay for the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics, see this page for advice and the latest updates

How to get to High1

High1 can be reached by mugunghwa (slow) train from Seoul’s Cheongyangni Station, with trains costing around 14,000 won and taking around 3.5 hours to Sabuk or Gohan. These two stations are a few minutes apart in neighbouring towns, and are connected to High1 by free resort shuttle buses; check the train & shuttle schedules here, see which shuttle bus (i.e. from Gohan or Sabuk) best matches your preferred train time, and choose your destination station accordingly. There’s some good scenery along the way, so try to get a window seat!

The highway bus is actually faster than the train in this case, though it doesn’t link up with the shuttle buses so you have to take a taxi from the Gohan bus terminal to High1 (the location of the bus terminal in an odd little turnoff from the highway is not conducive to walking into Gohan itself). The bus goes from Dong Seoul (East Seoul) Terminal located next to Gangbyeon Station (Line 2), takes around 3 hours, costs around 18,000 won, and runs roughly every 30 to 60 minutes (bus schedule here, page 2 in blue)

The resort operates free shuttles for both of the local train stations, but not the bus station. If accessing High1 from Sabuk Station, the shuttle bus takes you to Mountain House. If accessing from Gohan, the shuttle bus goes to both bases but Valley House is first; if taking a taxi from Gohan bus terminal, Valley House is significantly closer. If you’re going to the High1 Hotel, you need to take the shuttle from Gohan. The shuttle bus system is clearly explained here.

Another option is a direct bus transfer from Seoul to the resort with these guys. It’s a bit more expensive, but way less hassle as it’s 3.5 hours from Seoul direct to High1 with no transfers.

The new Gangneung KTX bullet train line opened in late 2017, running from Seoul Station to Gangneung in two hours; however, from Gangneung to High1 you still then have to take a slow mugunghwa train (2 hours) or highway bus to Sabuk/Gohan, so it doesn’t save any time vs the direct buses (and works out more expensive)

Any questions about High1 Resort? Leave a comment below!

For more Gangwon-do resorts, see here; for full reviews of every Korean ski resort, see here

Also check out the best Korean ski resorts according to various criteria, and this size comparison of Korea’s ski resorts using satellite imagery

If you’re visiting before/during the Olympics, see the top 5 hills to ski at during Pyeongchang 2018, and for more information and the latest updates on Pyeongchang 2018 see here

75 comments on “High1 Resort
  1. Aaron says:

    Just checked their website and saw they have kids school.
    Do they provide English or Chinese Lessons?
    Originally we were planned for Yongpyong. But also checking if there are other viable options since Yongpyong will not fully open.

    • snorton says:

      Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for stopping by & commenting. I’m not sure about Chinese, but yes High1 definitely offers lessons in English. Yongpyong does too, but for the coming season High1 is the best choice.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Sandi says:


    Any idea when they’ll open for the 2017/2018 season. Will be in Korea in about 2 weeks time and was wondering if mid-Nov would be too early. Couldn’t find any official info on any of the websites.


  3. Fenn says:

    which condo is best for ski in/out in High1? And how do I get there directly from Incheon airport?

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi again Fenn, Valley Condo (book here) and Hill Condo (book here) are ski in. Valley Condo is best for the gondola.

      To access from Incheon Airport, there are direct buses. See here (halfway down)

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions!

  4. Fenn says:

    Thanks Simon! I thought i read the gondolas are at Valley Condo and Mountain Condo. Now you’re saying it’s Hill Condo, i’m properly confused 🙁

    • Simon Norton says:

      Oh, sorry for the confusion… actually Hill Condo is a short walk from Valley Condo. The gondola base station is directly next to Valley Condo

  5. Fenn says:

    But regardless, i checked Agoda and its all fully booked! I am so disappointed and trying to contact the hotels directly. Do you have any other recommendations to see if i can get a room in either of the condo?

    • Simon Norton says:

      It’s not surprising I’m afraid… due to the Olympics I guess it’s going to be very hard to get accommodation at most resorts this season.

      What I’d suggest is staying in Gohan town. It means you don’t have ski in accommodation, but some of the hotels are close (walkable) to the Valley House base station (be sure to check the exact location on the map when booking). You can search Gohan hotels here. It’s not ideal, but to be honest I think it may be your only option if you want to go to High1 this season.

      Let me know if you manage to book something! (or if you have any more questions)

  6. Fenn says:

    I managed to get in touch with a staff and he said Mountain Condo might still be available. I’m awaiting his confirmation, but is it also far from the gondolas?

    If that doesnt work out, which hotel do you recommend that is truly within walking distance to the base station? Thank you so much for all the advices

  7. Fenn says:

    Simon, i guess, the more appropriate question would be, do you have a map of the High1 resort where i could see the location of the other hotels?

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Fenn, sorry for the slow response, have had a couple of busy days travelling back to Korea. In Seoul now and ready to rock the season!

      When you look at the hotel listings on Agoda, if you scroll down the bottom you can see exactly where each hotel is on the map and check the distance to High1.

      Sorry, I think my previous posts weren’t clear enough about the condos – all of the condos are convenient for the gondola! Valley Condo is right next to the gondola base, Hill Condo is a short walk from it, Mountain Condo is slightly further but you can ski to it so yes it’s also a good place to stay!

      Did you make that condo reservation in the end? Or a hotel?

      Let me know if you’re sorted, or if you have any more questions

    • Simon Norton says:

      Oh yeah, and if you look at the High1 slope map (the one pictured above) you can actually see the 3 condo buildings at the bottom. That should give you a better idea of the setup

  8. Steven says:

    Do you have any good rental shops around Gohan recommend and they can communicate in english?

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Steven,

      You can rent boards from High1, or from the rental shops in Gohan. I’ve never done either personally, but my understanding is that the resort has better boards than the shops, but the shops are cheaper. I’m afraid I don’t have recommendations on any specific shops, but there are a number of them there. I wouldn’t worry too much about communication – their English will usually be sufficient for the purpose!

  9. Carina Eggleston says:

    Hi Simon! We are currently at High 1, Staying at the Mayhills Hotel (as everything close to the slopes was booked out 🙁
    I am just looking on line at the slope information and it says that you can only get a 40% discount if you have a “resort card”. Do you know if the foreigner discount you mention (presenting a passport) still applies for the 2017/2018 season?
    Cheers, Carina.

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Carina,

      Hmmm, yeah it looks like they’ve changed it a bit. I haven’t been out there yet this winter, but from what I can make out, it sounds like the same system as they have at Yongpyong – you get a prepaid resort card first, and then if you buy the lift ticket with that card you get the discount.

      I may be wrong, but that’s what it looks like – in other words, I think you should (hopefully) be able to get a resort card and then use it for the discount. I recommend you do take your passport along too, in case the 50% still exists. And please let me know what happens, so I can update the info on this page! Cheers, Simon

      • Carina Eggleston says:

        Hi Steven! Thanks for your response! We will go and check it out now and let you know! So… going off what you have written, we need to ask to buy a resort card first?! I think that’s what you are saying! In any case, we will take our passports, ask, and try our hardest to get ANY discount! LOL! I’ll be in touch! Cheers, Carina.

        • Simon Norton says:

          Ok, have a great day on the slopes and let me know how you get on with the discounts!

          • Carina Eggleston says:

            Hi! Sorry! I forgot to get back to you! Happy New Year!
            We ended up getting lift tickets from the ski shop at Mayhills Resort for the same 40% discount. The only catch is that we had to physically hand the tickets back to a Mayhills staff member at the High 1 Ticket booth at 5pm! Which isn’t a big deal…. unless you want to stay up the mountain to have dinner before coming down on the Gondolas.

            But we did ask about foreigner discounts at the Customer Service Centre. They said that each person had to present an ARC or Passport and get a Resort Card first (free of charge). Then you present this resort card at the ticket box and get a 40% discount.

            At this stage, only about 4 runs are not open, so 14 runs are!!! And it was fairly quiet for the New Years Long weekend! We had a blast!

            Thanks for your awesome information!


            • Simon Norton says:

              Hi Carina,

              Awesome, glad it worked out! And thanks for the update, helps me keep the info on the page accurate.


            • Ram says:

              HI Carina

              This is the first time i visit High 1 , as your mention , is it possible i live in Mayhills and still get the foreigner discounts at the Customer Service Centre , is seems they will provide you a Resort Card … etc

              Also will there be any discount for rental gear as well ?


  10. ROCK SHEK says:

    Hi simon, nice to know that you can share the useful info. here and it can help many new comers to solve the problems. To be honest, i am a new comer as well and would like to seek for your opinions concerning ski gears rental arrangement at High 1 resort.
    My family ( totally 16 members ) have already reserved 4 nights ( Valley Cond.) at High 1 resort, but find difficulties to arrange the gears rental stuff. I expect to rent the gears at day 1 and return the stuff at day 5. However, High 1 staff has replied that their ski house only offer daily rental service so that my family members should borrow and return the gears daily.
    It is very inconvenience for my group and we would like to seek alternative way to tackle the said problem.
    Do you have any idea ?

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi there, hmm yeah that’s a shame High1 won’t allow you to rent for mutiple days.

      There are also some independent rental shops in Gohan town (Valley Condo is in Gohan) which you could try, but I’m afraid I have no idea what their policy is for multiple day rentals. I’d suggest visiting them on your arrival day to ask if they can do that for you. I hope they say yes! (and please let me know what they say, so I can give better advice to future readers. Thanks!)

  11. Roy H says:

    Hi there! I will be staying in Gangneung with my girlfriend for the Olympics. We wanted to ski High1 but from this post it does not sound like it will be easy to get there. You have to take a bus then taxi?? Is there no other easier way? Maybe it would be best to ski at another resort like Yongpyong even though some terrain will be closed for the Olympics.

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Roy, yeah if you want to go to High1 in February you’ll need to take a bus to Gohan, then a taxi to the hill. There’s also a “mugunghwa” (local) train to Gohan, and from Gohan train station there’s a free shuttle to High1; however this train leaves from Jeongdongjin Station (to the south of Gangneung) which may not be convenient for you (after the Olympics, that mugunghwa will actually start running from Gangneung Station… but that doesn’t help you). The first option will take a couple of hours, the second by train will probably be a bit slower unless you’re staying near Jeongdongjin.

      It’s doable, and High1’s the best resort available – but would defo be easier to head to Yongpyong or Welli Hilli Park instead. Personally this winter I’d go to Welli Hilli Park rather than Yongpyong, on the proviso you can get KTX train tickets. The station is Dunnae, 30 minutes from Gangneung, and there’s a free shuttle bus from Dunnae Station to Welli Hilli. See my Welli Hilli page here for more info

      • Tom says:

        Is it possible to rent a car and drive from Gangneung to High 1? How long would it take?

        • Simon Norton says:

          Hi Tom, it would be about a 90-minute drive, depending where exactly you’re starting from. You could get to Yongpyong a bit faster, but High1’s the better option in terms of the skiing available

  12. Will says:

    Just wanted to drop some love to ya Simon! I’m currently planning a trip over from the end of jan to beginning of feb and your page has been IMMENSELY helpful! Props, kudos, and kowtows to ya mate!

  13. Iris says:

    Hi Simon,

    I have just found your wetside is very useful. You are so appreciated.
    5 years before. I had gone to High 1 and let my kids to join their private lesson. It was said as a English lesson. But we found much difficult to communicate with the Korean coach who is speaking poor English.

    Then I went to Yongpyong for last two years, the Native English speaking (foreign) coach is easy for communcation and professional.

    Since Olympic, I can only go to High 1, may I know do High 1 improve ? Do they have Native English or Mandarin NON-Korean coach. Thks

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Iris,

      I’m not sure – but actually, you can still go to Yongpyong this year. Some of the slopes are closed because of the Olympics, but the resort is open… so, if you’ve been happy with the instructors there before, maybe it’s best just to go to Yongpyong again

  14. Will says:

    Hey Simon, its me again! Just wondering if the 40% lift ticket discount for foreigners is still going on for the 2018 season?

    Thanks Again!

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi again Will, yes it is – I haven’t been out there yet this season, but I know people who have and got the discount (actually, the 40% discount is new this season… it used to be 50%)

      • Will says:

        Hi Simon!

        Weve arrived! Just curious if you could provide any information as to where visitors apply for this discount card. From my research they say there is a customer service center located within the casino. Is this where we are to go to apply for this visitors card? Or would there be another more central location. I should mention that im staying at the base village in the high valley hotel. Thanks again!

        • Simon Norton says:

          Hi Will,

          Think you can just get it at any customer service centre or ticket office (they’re scattered around the various base stations). Actually I guess you’ve probably got it sorted by now anyway – did you find it ok?

          • Will says:

            Hello Simon!

            Had a blast.

            Some notes.

            Our flight landed at in incheon at 3:30 and we took the 4:45 bus to dong seoul. By the time we arrived it was 6:45 due to traffic. After a quick bite at the terminal we took the 7:45 bus to the resort. Arrived at the resort around 11:30 due to traffic. Total price for the 2 bus trips was around 33000won. Made it to our hotel on the main strip (high valley hotel) after a 5min cab ride from the bus drop off point. The hotel was great in terms of location as it was only a 5min walk to the base of the mountain. At the mountain base one will find rentals, lift tickets, cafeteria, and the customer service counter. The first stop for any foreign passport holder should be the customer service counter where one will get their foreign discount card if they show a foreign passport. With this card there is a 40% discount off lift tickets and rentals. The valley condos are also situated at the base of the mountain where the customer service centre is located. They cost more than the hotels on the main strip but are basically ski-in, ski-out due to their proximity to the mountain. I personally chose to save some money and endured tge 5min daily upward walk to the mountain base from the main strip.

            The main strip consists of basically restaurants and rental shops. Although i did not rent i heard the prices are a kittle cheaper on the main strip compared to the high1 rentals. Distance between the two is a 5 minute walk.

            Do visit the main strip and do try the bbq. It is simpky amazing. For the 2 of us we paid around 70000won per dinner. Lunch bento boxes can be had for around 15000won on the strip and they are far tastier than the cafetia and food court found at the mountain base.

            In terms if board servicing there is the in-house shop at the mountain base and 1 shop on the strip that offer these service. Both are quite pricy by global standards with a board wax costing around 70000won and 30000won for edge work.

            When we left we decided to take the 730am direct bus to incheon airport for 33000won. Its takes about 4.5hrs and is the best way to travel from the resort to incheon. The buses are extremely sparce throughout the day. For people arriving into incheon there is only 1 daily direct bus that departs at 7am from the airport. Foe those wishing to take the direct bus from the bus terminal that is 5mins cab from the resort they have around 3-4 direct buses a day. We took the 7:45am bus and arrived back at the airport around 1pm even though our flight was at 7:00pm. This was because the next bus was at 1:00pm and it would have been cutting it close.

            So if i had to visit again i would definitely find a flight that landed in the a.m. to save myself a lot of travelling time and catch the 7am direct bus into the resort. And i would also book a flight that would match the 7am,1pm,or 4pm buses that leave the resort to be more efficient.

            In terms of skiing again i would also opt to ski the 8:30-4:00 time slot since all the slopes are open at that time. The time slot i chose for this trip was 12 noon to 10pm. But from 4pm to 10pm many of the slopes are closed. Basically all except the bunny hill is closed from 4-6 for maintenance. And after the resort starts up again at 6pm many of the runs are closed.

            If you like terrain parks (there are 3,beg,inter,adv) please note that they all close by 4pm. Id say they are amongst the best in korea. They even have a decent sized half pipe in the advanced section. My onky complain is that the terrain park lacks its own lift and time between runs is horrible (so bad that some people were walking back up the hill after their jumps.)

            Weekends should be avoided at all costs. The difference between weekday and weekend is incredible. The traffic starts on Friday night and goes through to Sunday.

            To sum things up. High 1 is a pretty small resort with a pretty decent terrain park especially for beginner or intermediate riders. If you are looking for something bigger then it would be worth your while to check out yongpyong. As with all korean resorts the runs are mostly groomers. If one is looking for powder then japan would be much better. Even resorts close to tokyo have much, much, much more natural snow. High1 is probably best suited for those who plan on staying overnight. At around 5hrs from the city I wouldn’t call it close to seoul.

            Thanks again to Simon for his kick ass advice and please ignore all grammar and spelling mistakes as I have just landed back home and it’s 2am in the morning.

            Hope this helps someone.

            • Simon Norton says:

              Hey Will,

              Awesome, glad to hear you had a good trip, and thanks for this great report! Especially the info about direct buses to High1 from Incheon Airport, very useful.

              Totally agree with all you’ve said – High1’s definitely a bit far for day-trips from Seoul, much better to stay there. Park rats will be happier at Phoenix Park or Welli Hilli Park, and yes powder hounds should defo just head to Japan, but for riding in Korea High1’s a good all-round option.


  15. Tom says:

    Hello – how long would it take me to drive from Gangneung to High 1? I’ll be in South Korea for the Olympics and thought I would rent a car and go skiing for the day. Thoughts?

  16. Walter says:

    Hi. We will be coming from Seoul to stay in Sangjang-dong, where we plan on traveling to high1 to ski everyday. Do you know anywhere around Sangjong-dong where we can rent a car for 2-3 days?

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Walter, is that Sangjang-dong in Taebaek city? If so, it’s pretty close to High1, just 20km or so. I’m afraid I don’t know any specifics on where to rent a car around there, but as a backup plan you’d be able to take a 15-minute train ride from Taebaek Station to Gohan Station and a High1 shuttle bus from there. The trains only run every couple of hours on that line, but there are also buses (the Gohan bus station doesn’t have shuttle buses to High1 though, but there are usually plenty of taxis there)

      Actually, I just searched on Naver Map for ‘rentacar’ in Taebaek and it’s showing 6 places so looks like you should be able to rent one in Taebaek. I highly recommend downloading Naver Map, especially for driving directions as Google Maps isn’t fully functional here.

  17. Brian Sanderson says:


    My family, very good skiers are going to the Olympics and staying in Yongpong. We want to do a day trip to High 1. We don’t have a car. What is the best way to get there? Are there any free or for hire shuttles from the YP area to High !? Do they have Uber in Korea. Is it cost effective?

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Brian,

      The distance isn’t huge but I’m afraid the public transport’s a bit disconnected. It’s under 2 hours by car, but without a car you’d have to go to Gangneung Bus Terminal first (already quite time-consuming from Yongpyong), then a bus to Gohan, then a taxi to High1.

      Even if you took a taxi direct from Yongpyong to Gangneung Bus Terminal (avoiding messing around with shuttle buses and/or KTX), I reckon the total journey time would clock in at 3 hours plus. That taxi would be about 30 dollars, plus another 10 for the taxi at the Gohan end… I think you could get a direct taxi from Yongpyong to High1 (1h45 ish) for something in the region of 100 to 150 dollars, so you might even want to consider that.

      (You may have spotted there’s also a coastal train line from Gangneung to Gohan, but unfortunately this doesn’t help you as there’s no connection at Gangneung Station – the coastal train starts from Jeongdongjin Station, so once you deal with getting across Gangneung to Jeongdongjin it’s taking even longer)

      To be honest, you may be best off just skiing at Yongpyong! But if you really want to hit High1, I’d think about a direct taxi all the way.

      Hope all that makes sense – let me know if you have further questions

  18. Jon says:

    Hi Simon,

    Great site, much appreciated (I used the info to hit Welli Hilli last weekend and had a great day). I was thinking about trying High 1, but wanted to know if they have any designated mogul runs like they do at Welli Hilli.


    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Jon,

      Awesome – I was up there myself on Sunday! They do have moguls at High1, though perhaps not as reliably as at Welli Hilli (e.g. last time I went they didn’t have them open). So I can’t guarantee it… but terrain-wise it is the best hill you can hit in Korea this winter, so probably worth checking out either way.

      If you do go, let me know what you find!

  19. Saad says:

    Hi Simon,

    My friends and I are planning a 3-day skiing trip out from Seoul and we were trying to decide between Muju Deogyusan and High 1 because both seem really attractive price-wise and in terms of location. We are beginner skiiers so for us lesson pricing is an important factor – these two seem to have decent rates for group lessons, from what we can gather online.

    Was just wondering whether you knew if we could get the resort card at High 1 if we stayed in a hotel in Gohan instead of at the resort itself? The 40% discount for foreigners would really be great haha, but I’m not sure if we’d be eligible for it if we stayed out of the resort itself.

    Thanks for the immensely helpful site 🙂

    • Simon Norton says:

      Cheers Saad!

      Yes you can still get the resort card & discount, you don’t need to be a resort guest. Just go to one of the customer service centres with your passport, they’ll give you resort cards, and then you take those to the ticket window to actually buy your lift passes.


  20. Andrea says:

    Hi Simon,
    You’ve mentioned a few times a bus connection between Gangneung and Gohan. I’ve been searching online but cannot find anything useful – schedule / route / prices.. Would you have a tip where to check please? We are based in Gangneung and are thinking to do a 1 day trip to High1. Thanks!

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Sorry but there isn’t much good online info for buses between smaller towns, best thing to do is go to the bus station and ask directly. There are likely only a small number of departures for Gohan, but you can go Gangneung > Taebaek and change there for Gohan. Quite time-consuming though

      Might be better to take a taxi to Jeongdongjin Station (in southern Gangneung) and a train from there, as it’ll be a bit faster and also much easier to check the times. Just checked tomorrow’s trains for example, and departures are at 5am, 7:05, 8:13, 10:37, and a couple in the afternoon, takes just under 2 hours, price is 6700 won (check here)

      Let me know how you get on! (and any more questions, fire away)

  21. Serg says:

    How long does the 2017-2018 ski season last? Will the lifts and gondola operate 09.03.2018?

  22. Lok says:

    Is there any coach bus that i can take direct from icheon airport to gohan or any station nearby the high1 resort? If yes what is the schedule. Pls adv urgently as i will come on feb 28. Pls advise me back email. Many thanks

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Lok,

      There’s a direct bus from the airport at 7am daily. If that doesn’t fit your landing time, you’ll need to take a bus (or ride the subway) from the airport to Dong Seoul Terminal, from where you can take a highway bus to Gohan.

  23. Andrew Chen says:

    My daughter and I want to ski,near Seoul for 3 days, this weekend. March 2-4.
    1. Is High 1 the best resort for this time of year. The locals told us there won’t be much snow !
    2. there is a ski package for 2 persons, at Kangwonland Hotel. Is this is good.
    3. Does the shuttle bus from Seoul take you directly to the hotel, or do I need to change to bus, taxi etc?
    4. Can u ski to the slopes, lifts etc from the hotel?
    5. How far is the hotel from the lifts, ski rental, etc?
    6. Where would you recommend to eat at nights ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Andrew,

      1. yes, High1 is the best to visit right now. There isn’t much snow left anywhere to be honest, but High1 should be ok.
      2. I guess so! But I’ve never stayed there, so not sure.
      3. I’m not sure which shuttle bus you’re looking at. Is it part of the package? You should ask the agency selling the package about this one.
      4. No, Kangwonland Hotel is a short shuttle bus ride away from the slopes.
      5. see 4
      6. You can eat at the hotel’s restaurants, of course, or go down into Sabuk town or Gohan town to visit the local restaurants there.

      Hope you have a great weekend!

  24. Anna says:

    Hi,I REALLY appreciate your effort to give a help to all of the snow lovers in Korea. This is such a usefull website!!!!
    I’m in Korea for a couple of months and as a snow&freeride lover I’m looking forward to try a local hills! I’m thinking about to go to High1 next weekend, hopefully there will be still some snow left.

    Anna from Czech Rep.

    • Simon Norton says:

      Cheers Anna! Yeah, at this stage of the season you should focus on High1 & Yongpyong. Most other resorts are already closed, or closing in the next week or so. Hope you have a great trip to High1!

  25. Maro says:

    High 1 really is the top notch in Korea overall. As a kid when I never went skiing outside of Korea it just felt humongous for me 😁. Anyways small thing to add for this post, there was (not sure if I can say there still is. I was a primary school kid back then) a huge snow or ventilating or whatever-it-is machine throwing bunch of cold air and some snow flakes towards the lift chairs to the right before the hill top station of the Zeus Lift so if someone’s going to High 1 and is going to take Zeus Lift, prepare yourselves for the freezing wind up there!

  26. Maro says:

    Ah i’ve forgot to point out one more thing. They now also feature a water park just like Vivaldi Park and is apparently a bit smaller than the one in Vivaldi (still 4th latrgest in Korea).

    Golf course along with water parks seems to be quite inevitable as there are almost no mountain bikers in Korea to keep the tickets selling during the summer. Really is a shame, considering how ski resorts like Whistler Blackomb provide both some gnarly winter experience along with sick trails for the summer. There was one apparently in Yongpyong but they’ve shut it down due its low profitability.

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hey Maro,

      Yeah the mountain biking at Whistler is so sick! I wish that was available in Korea – shame it’s never taken off here, the terrain’s perfect for it. I actually saw some mountain bikers at Yongpyong once coming down the ski slopes on the snow (still during ski season), looked like a lot of fun.

  27. Laurine says:

    I’d to go there during weekdays with my boyfriend and I am super interested about the 40 per cent off! Lets say I take Kangwonland Pack (Kangwonland Hotel
    2 Nights
    Ski 3 Days(2 People)
    (2 Morning, 2 People)

    For 760000W, do I get 40 per cent off 760000W? How to do so if I book in advance?
    Lift Gondola and rental does that include skiwear? Thank you!!

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Laurine,

      Sorry, I think the discount only applies to lift tickets and rental. Skiwear isn’t included in the rental price – only the ski/board & boots. You need to budget roughly another 25 dollars for skiwear.

      • Laurine says:

        So the discount only applies if you take a night at the resort?

        Thank you!

        • Simon Norton says:

          There’s no need to take a night to get the discount – you just go to the customer service desk to get a discount card, which you can then use to buy your lift pass. It’s not connected to where you stay, and you can get the discount even if you just do a day trip from Seoul.

  28. Andy Powell says:

    Hi Simon

    Just want to say this is a fantastic site – very useful & one of the best I have come across. We have never been boarding to Korea before, but planning our first trip now based on all the info you have provided (High 1 in January). Thanks for your help – All the best – Andy (from UK living in Hong Kong).

    • Simon Norton says:

      Cheers Andy, always great to hear. You must be pretty snow-starved living in Hong Kong! High1’s a good choice, especially if you can already ride. Give me a shout if you have any questions about the specifics.

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